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Interested in learning the how-to’s of spoken word?

Joy offers workshops in both poetry and storytelling designed for people at all skill levels. Whether your workshop focuses on creating new material, editing, and/or performance skills, participants will come out of workshops with a better understanding of spoken word and a deepened capacity to express themselves.

Joy Young has been working with our non-profit for almost a year as a teaching artist. Joy delivers poetry workshops in a fun and inclusive manner. Whether teaching youths in a classroom at a local school or adults at a local coffee shop, Joy’s teaching has been impactful in keeping poetry alive in the Chandler community. Thank you Joy for working with our organization and empowering others through your teaching.
— Ernice Davis, Founder of Connect and Heal, Chandler, Az

Some Workshops Offered:

Your Voice Matters: Slam, Stories, and Social Justice
This performative lecture covers slam poetry and poetic storytelling as tools for social justice, what it means to be a queer voice on the stage, and the cathartic power of literary performance.

The Topography of Self
Participants engage in the visual mapping of their identities and produce work pertaining to the intersection of their personal narratives and familial/societal expectations. This workshops seeks to ground participants in their own stories to explore how we feel seen and unseen as we traverse the every day.

Transgressing Borders
Participants share the importance of gender, race, class and more through the art of spoken word. Here, intersectionality will be explored to demonstrate the truth behind the different privileges and discriminations all humans may experience.

Writing Beyond the Self
Explore how to write about experiences beyond yourself, including about people or events from marginalized communities in ways that do not appropriate the experiences of others.

Slam 101: From Page to Stage
This three part workshop series can be adapted into a single day of intensive workshopping but works best as a three day series:

Part 1: We ask the question "what makes us come alive?" as we go through a prompt designed to use our grounded experience to connect to capture our stories, connect to others, and make substantive change around us by doing so. Workshop includes group participation and solo writing.

Part 2: Is an intensive, interactive editing exercise.

Part 3: Performance workshop. We discuss methods of performing poetry and strategies to help us connect to the audience. Can be accompanied or followed by an open mic or slam.

Left Unsaid: the Art of Going Deeper
This workshop uses pre-existing work from participants to push writers to address issues they might have glossed over, pushing participants to explore that which might make them most uncomfortable.

Joy also offers custom workshops, storytelling circle trainings, editing and performance workshops for both poetry and storytelling, and an array of prompts meant to explore topics such as embodied experience, love, reclaiming the body, identity, and writing/speaking about social justice issues from one’s own experience and unique intersection of being.