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Why Storytelling Circles?

To build healthy communities and organizations, the voices of marginalized and disenfranchised people must be heard and valued

To be most effective, institutions – non-profits, government agencies and business organizations – must center the voices of the people that they serve. Your group can expand its capabilities and (re)connect to communities you serve by understanding the complexities of their lived experience and how it relates to others who share consequences of the same systemic issues. Story is a powerful, accessible tool to achieve that kind of understanding.

What people are saying about Joy’s work with storytelling circles:

Joy’s work comes from a place of passion and willingness to be vulnerable, immediately disarming the participants from any barriers that would prevent one from joining the space in an authentic way. As a group, we were able to learn about the skill and preparation it takes to have a good story circle experience with a balance of both being shown and told. We connected with each other to discuss commonalities and celebrate differences and came away ready to conduct our own story circles.
— Layal Rabat, Asian Pacific Community in Action Empowerment and Advocacy Manager