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Need something more tailored to your needs?

Joy works with many organizations to create curriculum and produce deliverables for grants and businesses.

Contact Joy for information about curriculum development to meet your organization’s goals, fulfill grant requirements, and/or create innovative programming tailored to your needs!

Recent Projects of note:

Building Bridges
This youth focused pilot program was a partnership between the Storytelling Institute at South Mountain Community College, Arizona Masters of Poetry, and Joy Young to create a curriculum that bridged storytelling and poetry as well as youth with local community colleges.

ReStoryTive Justice Project: 
This curriculum development project was a partnership between Phoenix Union HighSchool, myself, and the Storytelling Institute's Liz Warren. Together, Liz and I created educational materials and facilitated a training for restorative justice storytelling circles.

Arizona Two Spirit Project
The Arizona Two Spirit Project is an ongoing artist historical archiving project working to capture a myriad of Two-Spirit individuals from tribes across Arizona. The project includes, video, photographs, book-making, and the creation of a unique curriculum focused on professional development skills to aid participants in curating their own narratives.

Phoenix Indian Center Digital Storytelling Program
This youth focused project has three main components: workshops designed to find help youth tell their stories, skills learning workshops, and bringing the first two components together to capture and create digital narratives. This project focuses on creating agency, hope, professional development, and art as a tool for healing for youth.