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Have Joy speak at your college or university

Lecture, performance, and workshop packages available.
Joy offers talks on a variety of topics including: the intersection of spoken word and social justice, the importance of storytelling, intersectional feminist and queer issues, storytelling and its use for community engagement by non-profits and other groups, exploring identity, and more.

We had the honor of having Joy speak to our college students. Joy has an engaging easygoing manner that drew us in as they drew attention to the multiplicities of identities we all carry.
Joy helped us to see how students, performers, researchers, grant-writers (really, anyone and everyone) can effectively utilize story-telling. We understood one meaning of this “story-telling” to be the art of eliciting stories from ourselves and others to ethically and sensitively transform those stories into powerful forms of resistance that can be utilizedin a multitude of arenas.
Joy Young’s spoken word performances are certainly examples of this truth-telling come to life. However, Joy has the ability to clearly articulate the how and why of this form of expression,and further, to teach and inspire others to do similarly—whether the end goal is performance, publication, grant writing, or simply to find one’s own authentic voice.
— Charlene Tung, Tenure Professor of Women's and Gender Studies, Sonoma State University